Feeling worthy again !

I have these ideas, then I have to remember I’m not the person I used to be.
But try I will and if you speak to the wife, very trying I can be !
The wife and I recently completed our dementia friends champion training, after all the worry and anxiety, it was worth the effort.
It could be or would be so easy to just sit and wait for the roof of ones world to just cave in, because stress and thinking just lay me flat out these days.
As I was saying, We have just done our first dementia info sessions, two on the same day ( which, afterwards I slept for nearly 14hours solid! ). A bit much with hind sight, we will stick to one a week after that !
Anyway where was I , oh yes, the wife did the bookcase analogy that explains dementia, I managed to do most of the rest ,
and there was I , feeling actually proud ! A feeling I haven’t felt for 12 months at least, I felt worthy again !
The feed back was positive, and want us back for more dates.
What team work !
So what I’m trying to say ,I think, is no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter how crappy, you Can rise above it and You can live with dementia. Just carry on doing this for as long as You can.
You just have to find that branch to hold onto and hold as tight as you can while you can .



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