Join our fight

There are those who listen and those that don’t or won’t !
I listen, I hear,
I hear it all, the end ,the near, and the far !
No one hears, no one listens, they just pretend,they do their duty !
All I hear, is the ridicule and the jeers !
No one sees ,all the tears 😥
they pretend to listen ,then turn away ,
I’d like them to be me ,for just one day !
The tears they flow, for no such reason
I wish they wouldn’t cos I can’t cope !
No man should cry ,such as I !
I sometimes wish I could die
Please look around you and See our plight,
Please step up, please join our fight

Young onset Alzheimer’s disease !

© chrisroberts.


2 thoughts on “Join our fight”

  1. Laughing or crying at what may be regarded as no reason is sometimes called ’emotional lability’. Agree with you that seeing the doctor is a good idea to at least talk about it, since you feel it is not your usual way. Does the Alz Soc website have an info/fact sheet mentioning this? Do you have a local or regional Alz Cafe etc where there may be others who feel this too? Good luck Chris.

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