My Day care update

Well after a long search, a very long search live finally found a care home, one with Wi-Fi I might add which is very difficult to find. It’s not ideal looking at my future but I’ve had a rant about that, I think everyone knows my feelings on the matter, but for there is no alternative so let’s just get on with what I’ve got for the moment .
The age group is very varied and there are lots of people in a moderate stage, so happy days ! At least now I got somewhere that I can go and have a day off once a week, time off from being me, time off from being on duty at home where the wife and children expect me to be me ! It’s getting such hard work trying to retain the old me. The time has come to stop looking back and hug the new me whether we like him or not.
Just sat in a care home I can switch off compleatly, become no one ! which I think will help to my stress levels , my idea is for every couple of days compleatly stress free will give me a few more days on the end total.
It’s a nice new elderly care home, with all mod cons, it has a lovely airy feel, they have several community rooms and a couple of quite rooms, a nice secure outside area and the most important – Wi-Fi !
Now that’s one decision that has been taken off my family ! No guilt about homes now or that’s the plan. I’ve got somewhere that I can get used to, get to know the home, the residents and the staff, so when the day comes I’m not carried off screaming and shouting to a strange place.
One less decision for my family to make because I’ve already made the decision I have chosen my own care home


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