9 thoughts on ““Making Memories” by Chris Roberts”

  1. Dear Chris,

    Re request for permission to use your work

    I am a mental health nursing lecturer / professional based at the University of Leeds, UK and am currently writing an academic textbook with Taylor and Francis entitled “The lived experience in mental health”. It is almost completed and due for publication early next year. This book is designed to engage learners and healthcare professionals with personal narratives and to better understand what people are experiencing internally as well as what they are thinking and feeling about living with mental health issues. It is also concerned with people’s experiences of treatment and how they experience what is offered. A further key aspect concerns that of coping and living well with mental health issues. It is my intention to present readers with a balanced view of mental health experience featuring experiences across a spectrum from struggling to coping.

    As part of this work I would love to include a couple of brief quotation from your blog around the experience of dementia. I found these very expressive and thought provoking. I would be very grateful if I could cite these as it would greatly benefit students and other readers including service users. I would also like to take this opportunity of highlighting the fantastic resource offered by your blog which will be clearly identified in this book. If this is at all possible I would be happy to give you further information about this work and clarify which quotations I would like to use.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks

    Gary Morris
    Mental Health Nursing Lecturer
    University of Leeds


      1. Thanks Chris, I find your blog inspirational and have recommended it to all of my health care students!!


  2. I work with people with dementia and some days it can be challenging when I watched your story it gave me a renewed passion for my work I realised how important it is for making you a valued member off the community I wish chris and family all the best x


  3. touched by the BBC programme this evening and I am reaching out in case you pick this up. I feel strongly that it is the lack of life giving minerals and nutrients in food that lead to life threatening illnesses. Please get in touch, I have some ideas that you can try in your food.


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