Ask the people who know….

Wise words by Wendy xx

Which me am I today?

Following on from last weeks blog about ‘Repetition of Symptoms’ and the comments that arose from it, I felt I had to explain further.

Clinicians use their expertise and medical knowledge to diagnose. But the one question that everyone asks is left unanswered……’What will happen?’

Yes, as someone pointed out, everyone is different. Dementia isn’t kind and doesn’t give a set format to follow….and if it did, it would probably ignore the rules anyway. So clinicians can’t possibly state what will happen – REALLY?
No, they can’t if they look at it from a medical viewpoint, but if they look at it from a social model of care for their patients, how much more they could offer……

Yes this is a brain disease and clinicians can diagnose disease but we, as people diagnosed, need to understand the physical effects on our day to day living in order to survive a…

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