Smoke alarms do work !

Hello ,
a short story for you, it wasn’t funny at the time but it certainly is now !
The Wife went away for a week ,don’t worry I wasn’t on my own, the kids were popping in and out ,here and everywhere ,our house is never empty for long. First morning away she was away I decided to make myself a cooked breakfast !why not I thought ,I haven’t been let near the oven for sometime .
I can do this ! I thought ! I put the bacon under the grill, Got the frying pan out ,cracked open three eggs into it, then went to put some bread in the toaster , I am multitasking now ! this is more like the old Chris ! then realised the frying pan was spitting ,all kinds of noises coming out of the frying pan ,The three eggs I cracked into the frying pan still had there shells with them ! OMG I thought, no problem I can sort this ! I cracked another 3three eggs and put them in a frying pan .the smoke alarm started going off , opened the grill where the smoke was coming from and pulled the grill pan out , I had put the bacon into the grill complete with packaging ,I quickly threw the grill pan into the yard out of the open door , luckily the door was open . I came back and the frying pan was spitting away with the now six eggs ! complete with shells jumping out of the pan !
Cleaned up , had a rest to compose myself, decided to call a day !
I had soup from the microwave. 😳😳😳😁😄


It’s not the end !


Having alzheimers wasn’t, isn’t the end, it was a bloody shock ! Well it was ,after the diagnosis, I thought I was slowly going mad before they finally told me .
but when the doctor sat us down to give a final diagnosis, it was actually a relief ! Can’t explain why , but the wife and I both smiled and said “we knew ”
two weeks later it kicked in, with a sledge hammer ! We all cried a lot that week. Then I thought that there are a lot of people worse off and decided to get on with it and adapt !!
You see ,it’s my family and friends I feel for, they will have to deal with it when I can’t !
They will remember when I won’t ! 😔😔😔😔😔

Christmas with Dementia

Find it easier to lay out my feelings with my own little poems

Joy and laughter, presents and snow
Turkey, crackers, hats and cake
Children playing, noise and fuss
Stressed and anxious, feeling low
Shouting and music, nowhere to go
Staring, eyes open, tears they flow
Pacing, talking, walking And walking
Heart racing, pounding, and feeling sick
head spinning and hurting
It’s Christmas I think
© chrisroberts

Starting to feel quite anxious about it all 😞 and I used to love Christmas .


Looking out of the window

Feeling a bit flat, here’s an insight ,

I look out of the window, staring at the sky
Just longing and wishing, that I could fly .
All the noise has gone and at last I can flee
Leaving all my troubles ,right behind me.
My eyes grow bigger, my mouth opens wide,
Into the white, beautiful clouds, I collide
Spinning, turning and flying carefree
I’m on my own ,just grinning with glee.
Then I fall and fall ,screaming so loud
No longer feeling ,so tall and proud
Just looking at the sky,
Wishing I could fly,
And again,
I cry 😔
© chrisroberts

Out and about, mixing with others !

What a lot of what a lot of people don’t realise about Alzheimer’s and dementia is that is the reason why we don’t like going out ,
it’s nothing to do with withdrawal or keeping ourselves from people ,it’s mainly because of the noise .
I’ve lost the ability to filter out noise ,so one-to-one is fine as long as they speak slowly ( but not loudly, I’m not deaf ).three or four, if they take turns to talk and not all starting shouting to be heard above each other,I can almost cope with that but more than that and the noise just mixes into one ,becomes a garbled mess .
It then becomes very difficult for me, I start to raise my voice to be heard above the background noise and people think I’m shouting and behaving inappropriately because of the Alzheimer’s or I go the other way ,and just shut up and stop talking altogether.
This not talking much can then quite easily turn into a bad habit !