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Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story – Video Dailymotion

Watch Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story by communityvoicehealth on Dailymotion here
— Read on www.dailymotion.com/video/x4g6xqu

Christmas with Alzheimer’s !

Joy and laughter, presents and snow
Turkey, crackers, hats and cake
Children playing, noise and fuss
Stressed and anxious, feeling low
Shouting and music, nowhere to go
Staring, eyes open, tears they flow
Pacing, talking, walking And walking
Heart racing, pounding, and feeling sick
head spinning and hurting
It’s Christmas I think
© chrisroberts.

Please give some understanding and a little space for sufferers at one of the busiest and noisiest times of year.
Thank you 😔

Christmas shopping

Off to Chester City shopping with my girls today, the card is going to be seriously damaged.dont like shopping so much since alzhiemers came along. The bustle of people running forwards and backwards ,the noise is so bad you can’t filter out anything,it just becomes a garbled mess. The whole thing of trying to be normal is so tiring. I start to lose my bearings and feel lost every way you turn looks the same and the panic starts to set in. Why don’t you stay at home I hear you say, isn’t that giving up ! ?