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Smoke alarms do work !

Hello ,
a short story for you, it wasn’t funny at the time but it certainly is now !
The Wife went away for a week ,don’t worry I wasn’t on my own, the kids were popping in and out ,here and everywhere ,our house is never empty for long. First morning away she was away I decided to make myself a cooked breakfast !why not I thought ,I haven’t been let near the oven for sometime .
I can do this ! I thought ! I put the bacon under the grill, Got the frying pan out ,cracked open three eggs into it, then went to put some bread in the toaster , I am multitasking now ! this is more like the old Chris ! then realised the frying pan was spitting ,all kinds of noises coming out of the frying pan ,The three eggs I cracked into the frying pan still had there shells with them ! OMG I thought, no problem I can sort this ! I cracked another 3three eggs and put them in a frying pan .the smoke alarm started going off , opened the grill where the smoke was coming from and pulled the grill pan out , I had put the bacon into the grill complete with packaging ,I quickly threw the grill pan into the yard out of the open door , luckily the door was open . I came back and the frying pan was spitting away with the now six eggs ! complete with shells jumping out of the pan !
Cleaned up , had a rest to compose myself, decided to call a day !
I had soup from the microwave. πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜„