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Memory is such a precious thing !
you don’t realise how important your memory is until you start to lose it .I don’t mean just forgetting where you put the car keys or where you parked the car this is all part of ageing, all part of natural brain shrinkage. Most of the time all one has to do is stand still, look around and eventually you’ll remember what you wanted to do , or you retrace your steps and you find your car or lost item.
The difference with dementia is that if one should forget something ,that memory is lost forever ! you don’t ever remember . All people seem to do is constantly remind you that you’ve just forgotten . Can you imagine what it’s like to just completely forget where you are ? Or what you’ve done ? Or what you said yesterday or even five minutes ago ! it’s horrific and no sufferer wants constantly reminding or prompting , please πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰