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Care/nursing home

The day will come, the matter how hard it is for everybody.
What I am trying to do is get some respite sorted into the care home of my choice.
I can then visit once a month,
I get time out from trying to be normal all the time,
which by the way, is very tiring.
It will give me some Me time without the struggle.
Did you know we don’t have to be entertained all the time, we do actually like sitting still and day dreaming, remembering ourselves, how we used to be ! it’s very relaxing.
I will then get to know the staff and them me, they will become familiar faces when the transition does happen,
i’ll be much more prepared and the move won’t be such a shock to the system
It also gives my family a rest from me !
My family will also get used to it, and more importantly it will be my decision, my choice ! it will be less hard on everyone all round.
Just my opinion.
Update :
Been looking around for a while and finally found one, but it’s led me to the conclusion that there should be some where for people of any age that mild or early stage dementia to go, intermediate care is needed, especially where you have to be in a EMI ( elderly mental infirm )
I can’t cross a road safely, so I’m classed as a danger to my self, so I have to be placed in an EMI and I think it’s heart breaking to sit and look at your future.
I know what is to come but to sit in one of these places for 8 hours being constantly reminded of how I will end up is a terrible position to be in, how many others are having to do the same regardless of age.
This shouldn’t be happening !