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Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.


There has been a lot of moaning on social media lately,
Usually by the same people, again and again!
All about this very successful program.
Moaning about its title,
it’s name,
“we shouldn’t name the disease, “
“who’s it friendly for, “
“we shouldn’t say friendly, “
“what are the outcomes, “
“where are the outcomes.”

All the suggestions of the different titles it could have,
moan, moan, moan…….
Nothing ever seems to be good enough for some, no matter what people do or how hard they work!
Majority of these moaners complain continually but never see their own short comings, their own problems and what they do so wrongly!

“We want more awareness! “
“People need to understand “
“The conversation needs to be had”
“Lack of knowledge promotes fear”

The Dementia friends information sessions came about and has made such an impact.

It’s a great introduction to break some of the myths and misconceptions about dementia.
Majority of sessions are hosted by volunteers.

2.5 Million people now know more about dementia,
There are no numbers of the people that have then received information from the above.
It’s been taken to schools for all ages.
It has opened up conversations that were much needed.
It has helped so many !

It has now been taken to about 35 countries, where it’s been very well received in all.


People with and without a diagnosis, have been helped and informed, lives have been changed.
Age groups reached have been from 5-100 years old.

I do actually agree that maybe it could have had a better title, what title I’m not sure, but whatever it’s called, these awareness sessions really work.

It’s branded now, it’s known!

Friends, friendly, community, communities!
These are the words that are most moaned about, but aren’t these words exactly what it is all about.
We live in communities, we all need friends, we are social beings, we want a friendly world!

Yes, after the fact, with hind site, everyone could probably come up with a better or different phrase, a better or different word or title,
but surely! If it’s working, stop your incessant moaning,
Especially if the moaners themselves won’t make change,
Especially if the moaners don’t actually do anything on the ground themselves.

Lots of organisations use the same approach and a similar title,
Because it works!

Friends of the Earth.
an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world and everyone in it.

Friends of the Peak District.
is an independent charity that protects and safeguards the landscapes of the Peak District National Park against developments which threaten its beauty

Friends of the Elderly.
gives older people the opportunity to live fulfilled, respected lives through exceptional levels of care.

Friends International.

Quakers are members of a historically Christian group of religious movements formally known as the Religious Society of ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends’ Church.

Friends United Meeting.
is an association of twenty-six yearly meetings of the Religious Society of Friends in North America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Evangelical Friends Church
is a branch of Quaker yearly meetings around the world that profess evangelical Christian beliefs.

Friends of Prostate Sufferers.
Prostate Cancer Support Group

Friends in Need.

A way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area to share support.

Friends Of Parkinson’s.
a non-profit organization that provides a resource center, outreach awareness, and support groups for people with Parkinson’s.

Breast Friends.
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for female cancer patients. Our organization teaches friends and family specific ways to offer support.


Apparently it’s ok and acceptable to be friends, make friends and have friends!
And the best bit…….

It’s ok to be friendly, to use friendliness to help, to educate and inform!

Stop the moaning and just get on with something else if you don’t like what you see or hear,


when it’s actually working.
When It’s making a difference to many lives, and spreading globally!

Does the title really matter ?




“When does, the violence start” !

On a forum just lately this was a question. How on earth do you answer that !
This is one of those stigma’s, an urban myth of sorts.
Anger and violence when somebody has an illness does not come from the illness,
It comes from being worried,misunderstood, not being able to communicate. It comes from pain and suffering !
It is not a part of dementia ! Just as it is not a part of Cancer or any other illness that, probably, one is dying from.
Other people in a bad place, if they lash out verbally or otherwise, are given understanding,
so why is it that everyone puts mood swings, outbursts etc as a symptom when it comes to dementia !
Wouldn’t you be touchy, prone to depression, mood swings and out bursts
if your brain was slowly killing everything you used to be !
I relate to dementia like going backwards, undoing everything you’ve ever learnt bit by bit, going backwards in time. So eventually you reach the antagonistic teenager, then even the terrible two’s. Not all children were a handful, neither will all dementia patients !
Think a little before you speak, speak a little before you think .
If you have a bad day, one should be more understanding, if I have a bad day, it “must” be the Alzheimer’s !!
A violent, argumentative or confrontational person will always be one, regardless of their illness.
Having an illness doesn’t always turn a good person bad !