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I was diagnosed with Mixed Dementia, Alzheimer's and Vascular aged 50. I am also living with emphysema and arthritis. I am married with 5 children and have 2 grandchildren. Salzburg Global Fellow. Honorary Lecturer for School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University. MSc in Dementia Studies. Patron RMTGB. Some of the things I’m involved with are ; Health Education England Dementia Workforce Advisory Group. Co-Founder and Member of the 3Nations Dementia Working Group, 3NDWG. Vice Chair European Working Group of People With Dementia, EWGPWD. Expert Group Wales Dementia Strategy. Alzheimer's Society/Cymru Ambassador. Dementia Friends Champion. National Dementia Action Alliance Affiliate member. DEEP group-Halcyon Quest Founder and Member. Join Dementia Research Champion. Dementia Alliance International Member and former Board Member. Dementia Adventure Special Interest Group. Dementia Research UK Champion. Co-production Network for Wales member. Steering Group for Young Dementia Network ( BCUHB Dementia Strategy Ambassador BCUHB Dementia Clinical Group and SBRI Ambassador. Caniad Mental Health and SMS Advisory Group. Disability Rights Uk Member. Disability Wales/Cymru Member.

What do researchers need to know? Advice from people living with dementia – a two part special – DEMENTIA RESEARCHER

What do researchers need to know? Advice from people living with dementia – a two part special – DEMENTIA RESEARCHER
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BBC Blogs – About the BBC – Panorama – Living With Dementia: Chris’s Story

Panorama – Living With Dementia: Chris’s Story
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Munchausen by dementia

george rook

We are definitely not representative

Nope. You’re right. 

We are not typical of people living with dementia.

We are not the usual people who visit GPs and clinics for diagnosis. 

We should be ashamed of such hubris, standing up and talking for people living with dementia.

Of course we have absolutely no right to claim that we know what it’s like.

And indeed, it is highly probable that we have a wrong diagnosis, since we can obviously talk coherently about our lives.

When we go up on stage you should not listen to us.

When we describe our symptoms, don’t believe us. 

We’re lying. Making it up.

We all have a psychiatric condition that makes us need to have an illness to feel important.



Let’s face it; we are all deluded seekers of headlines and self aggrandisement.

I do agree with you…we should be sitting at…

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