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Born in 1961, now aged 52, diagnosed with vascular dementia, Alzheimer's and empysemia . Married with 5 children aged 28 - 16 and 2 grandchildren. Trying to make people aware of this terrible disease and give some insight for the diagnosed and their carers !

Our speech in Berlin Alzheimer Europe Conference 2017 #AEC17


“Making Memories” by Chris Roberts

Dementia Carer Voices

A very warm welcome back to the wonderful Chris Roberts, who has written some fantastic blogs for us before which you can read here. In this post, he tells us about his travels to Australia to attend the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, sharing his insights and the memories made in the process.

This week marks Dementia Awareness Week in England and Wales. You can find out more about this awareness week and what you can do to get involved on the Alzheimer’s Society website here.

Thanks again to Chris, we’re so pleased to be able to share an update on the wonderful work he’s doing, raising awareness all year round.

One important thing about having dementia is making memories !

Which we definitely did in May of this year, we travelled half way across the world to visit Australia and the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, 2015 in Perth with my wife…

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