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Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story – Video Dailymotion

Watch Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story by communityvoicehealth on Dailymotion here
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Busy year ahead !

Very pleased, have just been made A Purple Angel Ambassador by Norman McNamara www.purpleangel.org.uk
very ,very pleased to be working with the other Purple Angels in Wrexham, helping to make Wrexham and Wales more dementia friendly.
I went to Warrington yesterday to Dementia friends Champions training www.dementiafriends.org.uk
and pleased to say I’m now able to teach an 45 min long information session to anybody and everybody that is interested.
I will be organising this in the near future at various venues.
The training day was very interesting, basic information, but enough to teach awareness to people that don’t have much idea.
The training was very good, the guy in charge, a Mr.Keelan Early, was excellent.
A complete information package with backup and online resources is provided.
A gentleman With Lewy Bodies in a wheel chair introduced himself as soon as we soon as we sat down, I think most were quite shocked that he was a normal functioning human being .I said nothing about my self and my health issues.
Spent the rest of the day training and so on. On completion We were thanked for attending and so on….
everyone made their goodbyes ! I then got everyone’s attention, stood up and I said “I’d like to thank……….? (the guy with Lewy Bodies ! can’t remember his name, so sorry ! ) for attending and showing you that not everybody with dementia has pop-socks on and aged 80 years old ( no offence implied to anyone elderly with dementia, before the politically correct start ! ) and That I have Vascular damage and have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ,and have worked with you all day ! I hope some of the stigma has been removed and that no one is immune ”
You couldn’t hear a pin drop for a split second ! I hope I showed everyone how functioning we can be and hopefully removed some of the stigma about only the elderly can have this devastating disease !