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BBC Blogs – About the BBC – Panorama – Living With Dementia: Chris’s Story

Panorama – Living With Dementia: Chris’s Story
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Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story – Video Dailymotion

Watch Living with Dementia – Chris’s Story by communityvoicehealth on Dailymotion here
— Read on www.dailymotion.com/video/x4g6xqu

The love I had.

Round and round, and round we go,
Trying to be normal is my darkest foe,
I see my soul ,large and black
Weighing so heavy ,on my back !
Don’t forsake me now, when I need you the most
Hold me tight and let me feel you close !
Time is flowing, flowing away
I Wonder what became of that day
The days you should remember
The promises you said you’d keep
And of the love I had that ran so deep
I screamed, you cried
The person you knew ,has already died
I want to love you, I try to care
Do or die, I dread to dare
Friends faces don’t appear ,anymore
There’re locked behind, that dark door.
© chrisroberts


I used to laugh, live and dream ,
Idle summer days, beer and wine.
Children playing,and enjoying my years .
Family, friends and the love of my life,
Memories in the making,
Pictures of the past !
Family, laughter ,and cries of joy ,
Loving and living, tears and frowns .
Clowns and puppets, pretence and fear .
Months and months, year after year !
Ups and downs, round and round,
Loving and living,
Waiting in line.
© chrisroberts.